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Non-NHS Services

Private fees will be charged according to the British Medical Association recommendations that apply at the time for services such as the following: Private sickness certificates, private health insurance claim forms (e.g. BUPA,PPP), driving medicals, school fees insurance, fitness for occupation, travel or sporting activities, solicitors reports, travel medical forms, etc. Please click here to download the form which is necessary for all requests. Please enquire at the reception desk regarding the appropriate fees, or click here and please provide a stamped addressed envelope if you wish the forms to be posted to you on completion. We require payment before you receive your form.  Please note we no longer take payment by credit card. Non-NHS services can take up to 28 days to complete and NHS medical services will always take priority.

Please note:  payment up-front is required for non-NHS services.

Please give as much notice as possible if you wish to book an appointment for a private medical examination. We will require the forms prior to arranging an appointment.

We regret we are unable to provide appointments for private HGV/driving medicals.  Please click on the link for an alternative local provider of this service.

Please note, identity verification is no longer done at this practice.

COP3 assessment of capacity

We do not routinely carry out COP3 assessments. Your request will be passed to the GP who will consider whether they are in a position to complete the form or will advise the person best placed to do so.

How do I get a ‘fit to fly certificate’ or ‘COVID-19 clearance letter’ if I am travelling and have recently recovered from COVID-19?

Some countries may be requesting documented evidence of previous COVID-19 infection as an alternative to a negative COVID-19 test as an entry requirement. If this is requested, you must ensure what type of documentation and evidence is acceptable to the country you are entering and also airline you are travelling with.

  • Be aware that certificates proving you have been recently infected with COVID-19 (sometimes known as COVID-19 recovery certificates or fitness to fly certificates) are not available via your NHS GP or via the NHS.
  • Some private companies offer to issue COVID-19 recovery certificates for a fee, if you can provide evidence of a recent positive COVID-19 test – you must liaise with the private company directly to find out more about this option, and ensure their certificate is accepted by your airline and also the country you are travelling to.

In addition, if you live in:

  • England or Wales: the NHS COVID pass app now shows details of your COVID-19 test results in addition to your vaccination records within the QR code. You’ll need to check if this type of documentation would be accepted as evidence of previous infection by your airline and destination country.

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