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Transitions and frustrations: how do we move forward?

Posted on June 11th, 2020


Covid 19 infections are hopefully reducing and lockdown is being eased so we are being asked why the surgery is not back to normal. Let us try and explain:

  • COVID 19 is still out there so we have to protect our staff and patients who use this building from infection risk. Some are very vulnerable.
  • Some of our staff have a higher personal risk profile than others and cannot currently see patients face to face but can work remotely.
  • We need to maintain social distancing so that means only about 6 people in the waiting room at any one time (normally 15+).
  • For every patient seen in the building we need time to put on personal protective equipment (PPE) and take it off again safely and this takes time to do properly.
  • We need to clean rooms between every patient seen.
  • The more patients we see face to face the more PPE we need (supply issues).
  • Appointment times have to be longer to allow for PPE and cleaning, so fewer people can be seen in each session.
  • On-line booking has had to be switched off to reduce the risk of an infected patient, possibly with atypical symptoms, booking a slot and coming to the building so all appointments are triaged for safety reasons.

A lot of health conditions can be managed on the phone or in a video consultation. E-consultations (eConsult) gather an excellent history of the problem in an organised manner and help us give you an appropriate appointment/answer. If we really need to examine you, we will arrange a face to face appointment. We do see several patients face to face each session. We are still doing urgent bloods and dressings and cervical smears have restarted too.

We are moving as fast as we can, but any help from you, such as home blood pressure readings, returning asthma and COPD questionnaires really helps. Please use eConsult from our website as they are very useful. As demand increases, they help us do telephone/video consultations more efficiently. We are starting to triage work into ‘same day’ and ‘this could wait a few days’ problems. Quality information keeps this triage system safe.

If you request a phone call, please ensure you are available to take the call. The doctor or nurse will try twice. If you miss two calls, you will need to rebook. The number that displays will either be 01929 553444 or 01865 920732.

If you are asked to attend for an appointment, we request that you wear something to cover your nose and mouth.

Finally thank you for all the messages of support we have received in recent weeks!

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