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Online Access

Online access allows you to book routine appointments, change personal details, order repeat prescriptions and access summary medical information (medications, allergies and adverse reactions; more detailed information can be viewed on request). It also allows you and your GP to message securely. There is also a Triage Symptom Advice questionnaire that you may wish to use instead of eConsult.

In order to have access you will be required to download the form on the link below, print and complete it. Please bring the completed for to the surgery with identification. If you have no photographic ID we may ask you to confirm some information on your medical record.

Please note online access must not be used to request prescriptions for or communicate about other patients, except for those granted proxy access.  Misuse of online access may lead to accounts being suspended.

REQUEST FOR ONLINE ACCESS individual or proxy child


On 25 May 2021, we emailed all our patients who have an email address (please note, we have increased the age for proxy access for children to 13)

Wareham Surgery wants to make the process of accessing help from the surgery easier, better and safer.

We are asking patients who have been emailing to sign up to Online Access now, where they will be able to order repeat prescriptions, send a message to the GP or nurse or admin team and view their medical record. From 01 July 2021 we will no longer accept incoming emails from patients.

The benefits of using online access are

• Any communication is directly linked to your medical record making it easier to audit

• There is no delay caused by the necessity for a staff member to transfer your request to your record

• There is a reduced risk of errors caused by transcription from email to the clinical system

• Time is freed up enabling staff to answer phone calls from patients who do not have internet access

Patients will need photographic identification (e.g. passport, driving licence) and a document containing their current address to register for online access, but once that is done, communication is very easy. Click on the link for more information https://warehamsurgery.nhs.uk/online-access/

Patients attending for an appointment can be granted online access if the staff member knows them.

Proxy access can be requested if a person holds registered LPoA for health and welfare for a patient and by parents for children up to the age of 11 years old.

If you already have online access, the new messaging facility will become available automatically.

Thank you for helping us to help you.

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